10 Celebs Who Have Slimmed Down Thanks to Gastric Bypass Surgery

These celebrity weight loss success stories are all different, but share a common secret: a surgical procedure. Check out their gastric bypass before and after pictures to see the dramatic results.

Etta James

This late singer reportedly lost over 200 pounds after getting gastric bypass.

This Master Chef judge and restaurateur has lost over 150 pounds and has run a 10K since his surgery.

John Popper

The lead singer from Blues Traveler gained some weight back, but has maintained a slimmer figure overall.

Al Roker

The Today Show staple dropped 150 pounds following his procedure.

Carnie Wilson

The Wilson Phillips songstress dropped 150 pounds, although she underwent a second surgery 3 years later to get rid of weight she regained.

Anne Rice

The author of famous vampire novels says she was inspired by Al Roker’s weight loss success after the death of her husband.

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