10 Hidden Thoughts a Parkie Has

“I wonder how fast my Parkinson’s will progress?”

The fear of the unknown is a difficult pill to swallow. How do you prepare for a future that is unknown? You can’t, but this can bring on many worrisome thoughts.

“How did this happen to me?”

Number one question that every Parkie has to face…how or why did I get Parkinson’s disease? While we might have ideas of what triggered a neurological condition such as exposure to pesticides or chemicals, trauma, head injury or just plain old aging…it can be difficult to pin it all on one incident. As for why? The one thing I can say is that you didn’t do anything to bring Parkinson’s onto yourself. You‘re not being punished. You’re not unlucky or cursed. It is what it is.

“Am I going to look like that?”

Many newly diagnosed Parkies avoid going to support groups because they don’t want to see how bad it can get. But no two Parkies look the same. We are like snowflakes… we’re all unique in how Parkinson’s impacts us. But that doesn’t prevent the urge to compare.

“When will they find a cure for Parkinson’s?”

The million-dollar question. And I wish I had the answer.

“Do I have my pills with me?”

Every Parkie at sometime has had a little freak out when they realize they don’t have their Parkinson’s medications available to them. For this very reason, I have stashes of Sinemet in my purse, gym bag, car, work, wallet, on my dog’s collar… you name it and I’ve probably hidden pills in it.

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