11 things you need to know about waist training before you jump on the celebrity corset-wearing bandwagon

5. It can cause dehydration

“You might see an increase in body temperature and excessive sweating whilst ‘waist training’ during exercise, which can cause dehydration,” says Dr Galyna.

“To minimise any symptoms, we would advise people to stay fully hydrated.”

6. It can affect your back muscles

Prolonged waist training means your abdominal muscles aren’t as active, even if you are exercising regularly.

“Corset training has the potential to cause a weakening of the back and abdominal muscles, as you are not relying on using these muscles for posture when wearing the corset,” adds Dr Galyna.

“The corset provides the support, not the muscles, and if the muscles are not used they will waste.”

7. It can affect your breathing

“Tightness and repeated use of your waist trainer can cause cramps, discomfort and pinching if it is too tight,” says Dr Galyna. “This restriction and tightness around the waist could interfere with the appearance and general health of your skin.

“The quality and depth of your breathing, particularly if wearing your ‘waist trainer’ while exercising, is also impacted.”

8. Don’t use it if you are still growing

“One of the risks is that young girls will be easily influenced by this trend, particularly as it is endorsed by celebrities,” says Dr Galyna.

“If started at a young age before the body and muscles have fully developed, waist training could have potentially permanent health risks for young people.

“It is absolutely not advisable to start waist training while you are still growing into an adult.”

9. There can be other health issues

“Waist training can have some serious health risks due to compression – such as skin infections, pulmonary problems, kidney issues and lung issues,” says Lemon. “Not to mention the fact that it can be extremely painful.

“Even the manufacturers of the corsets advise that people wear them for a short time only, due to the risks involved.”

10. Experts don’t recommend it

“Generally, the medical community does not support the use of waist training as there isn’t sufficient support for the benefits and too many risks,” says Dr Galyna.

“If you’re going to try waist training be aware of the many risks involved.

“I would not recommend waist training if you’re looking to achieve long term happiness. There are many long term solutions which are non-invasive and safe to use.”

11. It can be addictive

It’s not just the health issues, apparently, you can really get addicted to seeing your waist look tiny.

“There is anecdotal evidence wearing a corset can be addictive to those people with an obsessive personality,” says Lemon.

And if you still want to go ahead with wearing a corset…

1. Wear them for very short periods of time.

2. Avoid exercising wearing a corset as it may interfere with your breathing.

3. Don’t over-tighten.

4. Don’t wear it at all if your body is still developing.

5. Make sure you stay regularly hydrated if you are involved in physical activity that causes you to sweat.

6. Don’t use it as a substitute to healthy-eating and exercise.

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