12 things everyone with coeliac disease has done (even if they won’t admit it)

Having coeliac disease is never easy. From reading ingredients lists and negotiating meals out to having to discuss your bowel habits with strangers, there’s plenty us coeliac disease sufferers have to put with with. Here are 12 things everyone with coeliac disease has done – but might not admit to! How many can you tick off the list?

Thought about what life would be like if you just stuffed your face with bread/cake/donuts/other gluten-filled things

…and then instantly freaked out and slapped yourself out of it.

Told someone eating gluten ‘just gives you a stomach ache’…

Because really telling someone you’ve just met that it makes you have terrible diarrhoea is a bit of a conversation killer at a dinner party.

…or told someone you’ll die if you eat gluten

In my defence they were being VERY annoying and kept asking me what would happen if I just tried a little bit. Problem solved.

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