13 Effective Home Remedies To Cure Leg Ulcers Naturally

Leg ulcers are no less than a nightmare! They don’t just look hideous and hinder your confidence, but can also be an indication of a more serious underlying medical condition. Leg ulcers are the consequence of minor injuries on the leg, where your skin breaks and allows air or bacteria to get to the underlying tissues. Usually, this damage heals on its own within a week or two, but sometimes, the skin doesn’t heal and forms ulcers that can be quite painful. In this article, we have listed home remedies that can help treat leg ulcers naturally.

Table Of Contents

  • What Are Leg Ulcers?
  • What Causes Leg Ulcers?
  • Signs And Symptoms Of Leg Ulcers
  • How Are Leg Ulcers Diagnosed?
  • How To Heal Leg Ulcers Naturally
  • Preventive Tips
  • Side Effects Of Leg Ulcers

What Are Leg Ulcers?

Leg ulcers are sores that develop on broken or injured skin. Usually, they are more prominent right above the ankles, on the inner side of your legs.

Other than skin injuries, leg ulcers may also develop as a result of an underlying medical condition. The diseases which may lead to the development of leg ulcers are discussed briefly below.

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