13 things every coeliac feels about gluten free brownies

If there is one thing every coeliac hates, it’s ANOTHER gluten free brownie. That feeling when you walk into a coffee shop or cafe and the only gluten free offering is the humble chocolate brownie. In fact, when I wrote my post on 19 things you’ll understand if you have coeliac disease, the chocolate brownie seemed to invoke some pure rage!

So here are 13 things every coeliac feels about gluten free brownies, illustrated by the most GIF-able television character and all round legend, Michael Scott. And if you haven’t seen The Office US, you should all go and watch it now! How many of these are true for you!?


What could it be, what could it BE!?

Oh wait, it’s another gluten free chocolate brownie…

Just what I wanted to see. Wasn’t expecting that at all.

….maybe there’s another option?

Please God let it not be fruit.

Oh, nope. OK.

Chocolate brownie or starve then! Yippee.

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