29 Things Only Someone with Ankylosing Spondylitis Would Understand

1. First of all, learning how to pronounce it is kind of important.

2. Learning to spell it will make you feel very smart.

3. You can make 1 and 2 a whole lot easier by calling it AS.

4. If you have AS, you can try to blame your Uncle Joe, if he has it. It’s sometimes genetic.

5. Remember your grandma telling you, “Stand up straight”? Do it!

6. It’s frequently misdiagnosed, so ask for specific genetic tests for it.

7. Exercise will make you feel better. Remember, “Motion is lotion”!

8. AS will sometimes accompany other disorders — many of which are easier to say and spell.

9. You can use heat or cold for relief. Take your pick.

10. AS sometimes causes breathing problems. So if you’re a smoker, you’ll be sorry.

11. The posture issue is important, not only when standing, but when sleeping or sitting. Lie flat and sit up straight. Always.

12. Don’t just walk. Strut or march, head high, shoulders back. Join a marching band or Fourth of July parade, and smile!

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