5 Natural Hyperthyroid Treatment Tips To Help Restore Your Health

If you have hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease and are thinking about following a natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol, here are five things you can do to help restore your health back to normal:

Natural Hyperthyroid Treatment Tip #1: Get Your Symptoms Under Control. While the symptoms of hypothyroidism usually isn’t much of a concern from a life threatening standpoint, the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and Graves’ Disease can be severe at times.  Although I’m not a big fan of taking prescription drugs, sometimes it might be necessary to take the antithyroid medication on a temporary basis until the effects of the natural hyperthyroid treatment methods begin to “kick in”.  I realize this isn’t exactly a “natural” solution, but my primary goal is to make sure the person with hyperthyroidism is safe.  So while many people probably would be fine not taking any antithyroid drugs or beta blockers and just beginning a natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol, not taking the prescription drugs would put some people at risk.

I may sound hypocritical saying this, since I personally chose to avoid taking any prescription drugs, and jumped right into the natural treatment protocol.  But as I have admitted in the past, this was a risk I was taking, as while my symptoms weren’t extreme, I still had a much higher heart rate than normal.  So there was always a chance that something could have happened to me.  However, there’s a difference when it comes to taking a risk with my own health, as I’m not willing to take the same risk with my patients.

Obviously everyone can choose to do what they want, and if a patient of mine decides that they also want to avoid taking any medication and will just wait until the natural hyperthyroid treatment methods take effect, then I will be supportive of their decision.  At the same time I will make sure it is completely THEIR decision, and make sure to tell them that it’s okay if they do want to take the prescription drugs, since it probably will be at least a few weeks until they would begin noticing changes in their symptoms if they were to not take the antithyroid medication and use an herb like Bugleweed or Motherwort to manage the hyperthyroid symptoms.

So what is the exact approach I would recommend for someone who wanted to take the prescription drugs and at the same time follow a natural hyperthyroid treatment protocol?  There are a few different approaches they can take, but the one I probably would recommend would be to begin both treatment methods at the same time, and after one or two months begin weaning off the medication under the supervision of their medical doctor.  Of course many people will already be taking antithyroid drugs when beginning a natural treatment protocol, and in this case I would take the same approach.  I would have the patient continue taking the medication, begin the natural treatment protocol, and then most will wean off of the medication after a few months under the guidance of their medical doctor.

Natural Hyperthyroid Treatment Tip #2: Modify The Following Lifestyle Factors. A big part of restoring a person’s health with hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease is to modify certain lifestyle factors.  First of all, one needs to eat well, as they need to minimize their consumption of refined foods and sugars.  Eating too many refined foods and sugars will cause surges in the hormones insulin and cortisol, which over time will stress out the endocrine system, beginning with the adrenal glands, and potentially the pancreas as well if this pattern continues.  Weak adrenal glands can also affect immunity, leading to an autoimmune condition such as Graves’ Disease.  So in order to restore the health of someone with hyperthyroidism or Graves’ Disease, the person’s adrenal glands will need to be healthy and strong, which is rare in most people.

Another factor that leads to weak adrenal glands is poor sleeping habits.  Most people realize they should be getting at least seven to eight hours sleep each night, yet many people try to get by with only five to six hours per night, and some people average less than this.  Sure, some people can get by on only five or six hours sleep for many years without a problem.  But for many people, not getting sufficient sleep will lead to adrenal issues over a prolonged period of time.

Chronic stress can also play a big role in the development of a hyperthyroid condition.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that stress was the primary factor in the development of my Graves’ Disease condition.  While other factors may have played a role, before I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease I was dealing with a lot of stress, and admittedly did a poor job of managing it.  So it’s not the stress itself, as most people deal with a good amount of stress on a daily basis.  While you won’t be able to completely eliminate the stress from your life, there is an excellent chance you will be able to modify the stress response so you can better handle the stress.  Doing this isn’t easy to accomplish, but is necessary to achieve optimal thyroid health.

Exercising regularly is also important, as you want to engage in at least 30 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 4 or 5 days each week.  Of course you might have to begin gradually if it’s been awhile since you have exercised.

Finally, you want to try minimizing your exposure to environmental toxins.  Thousands of new chemicals are being manufactured each year, and many of these have a negative impact on thyroid health.  Most people can do a better job of avoiding exposure to these toxins by making better choices regarding the household products they purchase, as this is one of the main ways people are exposed to these toxins.  While it might be more costly to purchase natural products, doing this without question is better for not only your thyroid health, but your overall health as well.

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