6 Powerful Home Remedies For Lyme Disease

The home remedies for Lyme disease include the use of herbs like samento, wormwood, oregano, and clove can be very helpful in eliminating the underlying infection. Garlic, valerian, passionflower, and ganoderma mushrooms are also good for treatment. Increasing the intake of water, eliminating dairy and gluten from your diet, and increasing consumption of lean organic proteins like nuts, avocados, flax seed, and fish oil can help, as well as a high-fiber regimen. Finally, astragalus, elderberry, and olive leaf can also be used to eliminate the effects of Lyme Disease.

 Home Remedies for Lyme Disease

The treatment of Lyme disease at home is interesting, because you can either treat the infection directly, or you can help your body naturally fight off the infection. The approach to remedying this disease at home is therefore split into a few different angles of attack!

Antimicrobial Herbs

Extensive research has been done on the role of various herbs in battling microbial infections and bacteria that can harm our bodies. [1] In terms of Lyme disease, a direct connection has been made between samento, guaiacum, oregano, and clove, since they have anti-spirochete capacities, meaning that they directly inhibit the spread of specific types of bacteria of which the Borrellia genus is a part. Using these herbs in either salves on the site of the bite or including them in your diet can naturally heal your body from infection.

Co-Infection Prevention

Many people suffer from a weakened immune system when they contract Lyme disease, and subsequently, other viruses take hold, even further taxing the immune system and leaving it unable to heal either the bacterial or viral infection. Herpes is commonly seen developing on Lyme disease patients, so be sure to use olive leaf and cat’s claw, two herbs that have shown themselves to be very effective against that type of virus. [2] Other antiviral and antibacterial vegetables, particularly garlic cloves, should be used as often as possible to kill off the bacteria before it can spread and worsen the condition.

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