6 superfoods to intensify brain function in Parkinson’s

Nutritional advisor and personal trainer, Ayla Akin, gives the lowdown on the best foods that studies have shown to improve long-term brain function.

Despite making up only 2% of our body weight, our brains get through 20% of the body’s metabolic energy. Therefore, it’s not surprising that studies have shown the key to maintaining a healthy brain is through a carefully chosen diet. Here are my top food group choices that can keep your precious grey matter functioning at its best.

1. Nuts

Nuts are great! More specifically, walnuts have been shown to have some fantastic effects on the brain. Studies show that even a small portion of walnuts in our daily diet can reverse the brain’s ageing process and improve learning, memory and motor coordination. Researchers attribute the benefits to their anti-oxidant properties, which may combat damage caused to brain cells by free radicals (the molecules that are said to cause ageing) in our bodies. Try this gazpacho recipes that includes pine nuts.

2. Carrots

Known for improving vision, carrots are also great brain fuel, packed with a function-enhancing compound called luteolin. This has been found to reduce age-related memory decline and also decrease the brain’s inflammation. Other foods high in luteolin include celery, peppers and olive oil.

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