8 Myths & Facts About Autoimmune Disease

“If you can’t trust me, we can’t work together,” a doctor told a young woman who later became my patient. This woman lived in a tiny town in rural Texas where there was only one specialist equipped to handle her condition. But because she dared to question conventional medical wisdom, she was left without any treatment at all. I don’t want anyone to have to be in her position again.

I’ve seen the science, I’ve reviewed the research, and I’ve treated thousands of patients. As both physician and patient, I’m confident that The Myers Way works, and I want you to be confident, too. So let’s take on conventional wisdom, myth by myth, dismantling each misconception and replacing it with the truth.

1. Autoimmune disorders can’t be reversed.

Yes, there’s a genetic component in autoimmune disorders. But as we have learned from the brand-new field of epigenetics, genetic expression can be modified. For you to develop an autoimmune disorder, something in your environment, diet, or personal circumstances has to turn on the group of your genes that causes autoimmune disorders.

Through diet, intestinal healing, and reducing your toxic burden, you can instruct your problematic genes to turn off again, thereby restoring your beleaguered immune system to health.

2. Your symptoms won’t disappear without harsh medications.

It’s sad to say, but most conventional practitioners dismiss the importance of nutrition as a major factor in our health. The very concept of a toxic burden is foreign to most health care professionals, let alone the power of removing that burden from those who suffer from autoimmune disorders.

As a result, when it comes to fighting autoimmune conditions, conventional medicine really has only one weapon in its arsenal: drugs.

Instead of using medicine to suppress the immune system, The Myers Way uses food and supplements to strengthen and support it while you make sure to heal the gut. Medications are not your only option in treating autoimmune disorders.

3. When you treat an autoimmune disorder with medications, the side effects are no big deal.

I wish this myth were true — but it isn’t. Conventional practitioners, trying to bring aid and comfort to their patients, are likely to reassure you that your medications won’t cause side effects and that the side effects they do cause are minor. As a former “conventional medicine patient,” I know this all too well.

In fact, the side effects of the drugs most often used to treat autoimmune disorders are common, frequent and disruptive.

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