Man Defeats Stage IV Terminal Colon Cancer After Switching His Diet (how research supports it)

Some love stories get tested early in the relationship. When Las Vegas bartender Rob Mooberry started feeling extremely unwell, his girlfriend Amanda Mutchler, who was working at the same place – the Cosmopolitan Hotel & Casino as a waitress, and he were together for less than six months. After months of going to numerous doctors who could not immediately find the cause, the worst news came – Rob was diagnosed with stage IV terminal colorectal (colon) cancer.

The couple stuck together and even got married two days before Rob started treatment. The journey was tough. Rob’s cancer spread to his colon, bladder, and lymph nodes.

Rob went through hell with surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. But it was the holistic changes that he implemented that he considers to be the tipping point that brought him back to health.

This year, Rob will be on his fourth year of being cancer-free, and besides being married to Amanda, the married couple now has twins.

They shared their love story and Rob’s health journey on The Way We Met  (also posted on Amanda’s blog).

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