Minimally Invasive Scoliosis Surgery

Is another operation required to remove the instrumentation fixed in the spine for correction of the curve?
Usually, the instrumentation such as rods, hooks, screws and other devices used to stabilize your spine are not removed even after your bones have completely fused and are left as such in the body. In rare situations such as an infection or complications related to instrumentation another operation may be required to remove the instrumentation.

What are the potential risks and complications of the procedure?

Scoliosis surgery is a major surgery. Both treatment and outcome are specific to an individual patient and vary for each patient. All attempts are made to reduce the chances of any risks or complications of this surgery. Still, complications may occur in a few patients. Complications of scoliosis surgery may include paraplegia, excessive blood loss, infection and failure of the spine to fuse. Rarely, cerebrospinal fluid leakage or instrumentation problem such as breaking of rods or dislodging of hooks and screws may also occur.

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