Parkinson’s Disease Symptoms: 7 Early Warning Signs

Stiffness of the limbs (rigidity) and slow movement (bradykinesia) appear early on with PD. These symptoms are caused by the impairment of the neurons that control movement. A person with PD will notice jerkier motions and move in a more uncoordinated pattern than before. Eventually, a person may develop the characteristic “shuffling gait.”

5. Voice changes

Parkinson’s disease affects movement in different ways, including how you speak. You might be familiar with the slurred speech of advanced PD patients. Less dramatic voice changes can occur in early stages of the disease.

Your enunciation will most likely remain crystal clear early on in PD. You may, however, unintentionally be speaking more quietly. People in early stages of PD often speak in low tones, a hoarse voice, or with little inflection.

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